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Family ~ Like branches on a tree we all grow in different directions.....but our roots remain the same.

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During the process of researching this family tree there have been instances where due to lack of sufficient documentation a best guess has been made. Most of them occur before 1841 which is when real documentation started with the introduction of the Census. Prior to this we have to rely on Parish records. If you have any further information that can help please let me know.


The path from Robert Lathrop b 1688 to William Lathrope b 1745. This is one that requires an open mind. It is purely speculative. Many Trees have Robert as William's father. I think that Robert (senior) had a child also called Robert (Junior). It is the use of 'Sen' & 'Jun' against Robert's name on the documents which leads me to believe this.


'There's something about Mary' - There were three Mary Lathropes born in Ottery St Mary in 1806, 1807 & 1810 respectively. The document explains the Tree path chosen for them.


The Thomas / Mary & Thomas / Elizabeth conundrum explained. It does however lead to two other conundrums explained in 4 & 5 below.


Thomas Lathrope b 1805? - No documentation who Thomas's father was. A look at the possible likely candidates.


Thomas Lathrope b 1821? - No documentation who Thomas's father was. Assumption made on the small documentation available.


There were two voyages from New Zealand / Australia in 1881 these two documents tries to explain who the Lathropes were listed in the manifests. NB At the moment the people on the 'John Elder' cannot be identified but it is likely Robert Lathrope b 1852 & family returning to the UK


My take on the three John Lathropes. Can be confusing as it looks like Phillipa married both brothers named John and the 4 involved people appear in multiple documents but in different combinations.


There are several instances of one branch of the Tree where the family name changed from Lathrope to either Larthrope or Larthorpe. The new name was carried forward to the next generation. There was no consistency in which variation of the name was used, often changing many times in their lifetime. Some children kept Lathrope others used the other names. The head of this branch was William Lathrope b 1800.


In 1871there were four Census for Lathropes living in Yonder Street, Ottery St Mary. This document is an explanation of who was who.


The only document for Elizabeth is her birth certificate where, her mother is named as Mary Ann Lathrope nee Carslake. And the father named as James Lathrope. There are no other records for Elizabeth and no record of a marriage between James Lathrope / Mary Ann Carslake. The doc tries to explain two possible answers.


The 1891 Census for George & Elizabeth Lathrope poses a couple of questions:

  • i. Why is George listed as William.
  • ii. Where were the 6 youngest children.
William is the correct age / place of birth as George. I have assumed that the 6 youngest children were living with them but not listed.